Square (squareorange) wrote,

I left my plastic black lantern ring next to the laptop fan and now it's bending funny because it got too hot. OTL And the new cat keeps stealing small stuff from my room. I found my tiny Q doll in the kitchen this morning.

It was so cold today! High of 68 degrees. I got to wear a turtleneck~! After school I sat outside on porch and drank hot tea while reading a book. I wish it was cold like this all the time. It's gonna go back to about 80 in a few days, though. Sigh.

Tomorrow I get to go to an art festival on a fieldtrip! All the juniors and seniors in the art classes are allowed to go. We get to miss school and go hang out and look at art. It's gonna be fun.

*Watches repeats of Moonlight*

Waters of Mars is in 3 days!
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