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:D My birthday is tomorrow! Hooray! I'm kind of excited about it now. I'm going to hang out with my best friends at the bookstore and go to Kobe's for dinner, it's gonna be awesome.

What's not so awesome is that I feel like I'm getting sick. OTL It'd be just my luck to be sick on my birthday!  I've been feeling lousy lately. I don't want to go to school, but I don't think I can miss any more days....

Lately it's been WAY too cold outside. We normally have temperatures in the 60s during winter, but for some reason we keep getting low 50s and high 40s! And tomorrow it's a high of 40 degrees. I don't have enough winter clothes! And it's supposed to snow tonight. We never get snow. NEVER.
I am never moving up north. If it gets this cold, I'll stay down south FOREVER.
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